Early Childhood Education Program: Kindergarten

The Good Hope Kindergarten has been one of our prevention programs since January 2023. Led by our teachers Olivari and Hussein, we offer an early years learning experience to children from the age of two to five years old. We welcome up to 35 children in our kindergarten. We provide our children with basic knowledge in reading, writing, and calculating especially through games and songs in a colorful learning environment surrounded by green trees and banana plants.

Most of our children come from disadvantaged families for whom early childhood education creates several challenges. In some families, the parents or guardians themselves did not receive sufficient formal education that would enable them to provide their children with basic knowledge in reading, writing, and calculating. In other families the parents or guardians have to work to make ends meet which leaves them little to no time to sit down patiently for exercises such as counting from one to ten. While there exist quite a few kindergartens in the Moshi area, they often remain inaccessible for marginalized families who cannot afford to pay the comparatively high monthly admission fees.

As a non-profit organization, we provide these children with early childhood education free of charge. This way we ensure that every child learns playfully how much fun learning can be! Through kindergarten education we set a wonderful foundation for good progress through school and life, which will have tremendous impact on their future opportunities.