Student Sponsorship Program

In 2012 Good Hope initiated the Student Sponsorship Program, which connects sponsors with current Good Hope students, allowing the students to do something that has always seemed impossible: go to private secondary school (or a vocational training centre).

Although most of the students at Good Hope have failed the national examination that they are required to take once they complete primary school, they can be very resourceful and determined. In Good Hope’s Two-Year Secondary School Preparation Program, students have the opportunity to catch up on the schooling they have missed, and above all, learn English so they are ready to continue with their education. English is the language of instruction in Tanzania’s secondary schools, but is only marginally taught in primary school.

Good Hope identifies students who are well-prepared for further formal education, helping students choose vocational training directly after the preparation program, or secondary school. Even though the students have been denied free secondary school education under the governmental system, they can repeat the national examination and then attend a private secondary school.

After Form 4
After four years at St. Theresia, the students write their final examinations and finish junior high school. If the student finishes with good grades and passes the national examination, ย he or she may be chosen by the government to re-enter the governmental schooling system and join high school (Form 5 and Form 6). Currently about 50% of our students finishing junior high school are chosen to enroll in government high school.

In Tanzania the government is invested in the students’ career choices. Some students may have chosen core subjects in junior high school that are more suitable for a vocational training rather than governmental secondary school. Therefore some students get an offer to join a government college program. Some other students, however, may continue with a one or two years vocational training supported by their sponsors.