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Bricks for safety! Help Good Hope build a wall

Dear friends,This christmas we are asking for your help because we want to extend the wall around the entire compound of Good Hope. Only a very small part of the Good Hope compound is protected by a wall, other parts are only protected by hedges. Unfortunately those are too easy to overcome by burglars and thieves in this marginalized area
| Oct 29, 2022

Urgently needed laptops for our sponsored university students

We are hoping to collect donated laptops for our sponsored students studying at university in Tanzania. Some of our sponsored students are attending universities without having access to a computer.
| Oct 24, 2021

Providing a second chance to teenage mothers: Our Mabinti Project

Good Hope has always positioned itself as a center that provides teenagers with a second chance to education. While our main program supports students who finished primary school and had no access to secondary school for a variety of reasons, our Team saw another issue arising in our community.
| Mar 8, 2021

Good Hope’s Crisis Response Project: Report

Dearest friends and supporters, Six months ago we asked for your urgent support. A flood had hit our community in eastern Moshi, and the COVID crisis began to affect our beautiful country as well. Thanks to your generous support our team was able to provide the five families of Good Hope children with temporary shelter, mattresses and other supplies.
| Oct 6, 2020
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