Dear friends,
This christmas we are asking for your help because we want to extend the wall around the entire compound of Good Hope. Only a very small part of the Good Hope compound is protected by a wall, other parts are only protected by hedges. Unfortunately those are too easy to overcome by burglars and thieves in this marginalized area of Moshi. Good Hope has already been broken into several times.

Attached to the current area that we are using is another piece of land. We have not been able to use this part of our compound so far because it has not been surrounded by hedges or a wall. By adding this piece of land by means of a wall, we will be able to use the additional space to create outdoor classes, and to grow more fruits for our important breakfast. It also provides further space for our Kindergarten kids without risking them wandering off. We have met an incredibly high demand ever since we started the Early Childhood Education Program. Read more about our Kindergarten.

We have already raised a big chunk of the money needed, but we still require more bricks.

If you need more information, see a more elaborate explanation and ways to help below.


In order to complete our wall project, we need additional 6000 bricks, which equals about 6500 USD or Euros.

One brick costs us about 1,10 USD (including labor).

Every donation, if only 1,10 or 11 USD will bring us one step closer to our goal for a safe environment.

The wall we want to extend


There are several ways to donate to Good Hope. You can donate via our Tanzanian bank account. Please send us a message or email ( so we can thank you. We also have a German bank account for donations from Europe. There is also the possibility to donate via PayPal:

Our Tanzanian bank account

Acc. Name: Good Hope
Acc. Number: 3301105645
Bank Name: KCB Tanzania, Moshi Branch
Swift Number: KCBLTZTZ

Please note that banks charge international wire transfer fees. There is also to send money directly to Good Hope’s bank account. It often proves to be the most comfortable solution, with the best exchange rates and lowest transfer costs.

Donations from Europe

Acc. Name: Good Hope e.V.
IBAN: DE43 7015 0000 1003 6894 35
Bank Name: Sparkasse München

You can also donate via our German Advisory Board that is a registered NGO in Germany: Good Hope e.V.. The board can also provide German donors with a tax return receipt.


0 $
of 11,000$ required
6000 CEMENT BRICKS (6500$)
250 BAGS OF CEMENT (2750$)
40 IRON POLES (800$)
5 LOADS OF SAND (500$)


It’s hard to imagine, but our Youth and Education Center urgently needs a wall: to protect the facility, the food supply and most importantly, our students! Unfortunately, Good Hope is located in a socially disadvantaged area that is well known among Moshi residents for its drug consumption and thievery. Our school has been broken into several times at night. Almost any item imaginable has been stolen – teachers’ shoes, a teacher’s bicycle, even cleaning utensils – on a regular basis.

We are progressively growing our own food for the children’s much-needed breakfasts. Here, too, there is great risk of theft, especially as of next year when our young trees are beginning to bear fruit. At the beginning of July, even the entire lemon grass for our tea had been harvested by strangers. We would like to increase our growth and give the students the opportunity to start their lives well- educated. The technology required to continue to serve the children’s best interests cannot be purchased without the threat of it being stolen.

A small field belongs to the property of our school. Nothing can be grown there yet. People are constantly running through the field, and local goats have eaten everything that we tried to grow. We have tried to grow hedges, but they were also eaten by goats. We have tried to build a fence, but the wooden poles and metal sheets were stolen. That is why we need something massive.

A wall will enable our school to continue to grow, as we will be able to utilize the small piece of land attached to Good Hope. The demand for our new kindergarten program is very high, and we need to provide our very energetic children with more space to roam and play without the risk of them running too far from school. The wall will be an important safety feature to protect our food source, our school supplies and of course, our teachers and children. In the short term, the newly acquired space will enable us to create an outdoor class, and eventually, it will also provide us with enough space to build two more classrooms in the near future.

Please support our project to build a wall around our educational facility that will help our organization expand and keep our children, teachers, and property safe.

The additional piece of land we would like to include.