Make a Difference in a Student's Life: School Sponsorship

Sponsor a student to further her/his education goals. Nothing can be more empowering than giving a young person the gift of education. Give an impoverished youth the chance to lift her/himself out of the cycle of marginalization, to take care of his/her family, and to be a part of shaping Tanzania’s future.

While in Good Hope’s Two-Year Secondary School Preparation Program, each student is developed into a well-prepared pupil for secondary school (or vocational training). Skills developed include English comprehension and verbal skills.

Sponsoring a youth for further schooling is a multi-year, but rewarding commitment. Students who enter secondary school require support from five to maximum eight years. Students who directly choose vocational training need support for one to maximum three years, depending on their chosen course. Β A sponsored student for Secondary School or Vocational Training costs between 750 to 1000 USD per year (or 60 to 80 USD per month), depending on their field-trips, examination fees, etc. We ask that sponsors commit to funding their sponsored student’s education throughout the years.

The students that receive sponsorship are curious, driven, and smart. The only thing that is preventing from them furthering their education in a formal setting is that they come from impoverished families. Sponsoring a child’s education may is a big commitment, and one way you can support a student is by getting a group of friends, co-workers or church, etc. to join you.

Good Hope will provide all sponsors with annual letters from their student, pictures and school reports so you can follow along with her/his progress. In the past, some sponsors have even decided to visit their students at their secondary school, or even for their graduation! It truly is rewarding giving the gift of education to an intelligent, driven youth.

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