Good Hope also uses laptops in the classroom

We are hoping to collect donated laptops for our sponsored students studying at university in Tanzania. Some of our sponsored students are attending universities without having access to a computer.

This poses a tremendous challenge for their studies, as note taking and homework are written by hand, but also expensive as the students have to photocopy much of the digital coursework from their peers.Studying with a laptop is crucial, as it has become a standard in Tanzania, too. Our bright students at university come from low income families, who are not usually able to support the students with a laptop. Therefore, with your help, we would like to provide laptops for the students to offer them better educational opportunities.

Support us with your used laptop donation

We are seeking used computers which we, the Team from Good Hope, make sure to be collected and sent to Tanzania. We can resort to an international network of supporters in the United States and Canada, as well as Germany, Denmark, and other European countries. Through this amazing network we will make sure that the computer will be sent safely to our students in Tanzania. If you have an old laptop sitting in a cupboard collecting dust, not going to be used anymore, we would be pleased to send it to some of our students who will benefit tremendously from a used computer. You have one and seek advice on how to send it to Tanzania? Please feel free to contact us via mail:

Monetary donation to buy a laptop

Your donation would really be helpful for us and the students. As a nonprofit organisation, we know that a little bit makes a big difference. We appreciate every donation – no matter the amount. We will make sure to buy a used laptop at best value for money. Please check out the best ways to transfer money: here.

Any other idea?

Please feel free to contact us if you know any other way to equip our university students, or our classroom, with a laptop or more. Your help will be tremendously appreciated. Also donations of used phones or tablets will be warmly welcomed as a student equipped with a phone will find it much easier to stay in touch with our team.