The six months I spent volunteering at Good Hope in 2017 were some of the happiest times of my life.  I primarily taught English and Science at the Good Hope school, but I also became involved in our after school activities and community outreach.  The children were so joyful and welcoming.  Everyday I woke up looking forward to spending the day at Good Hope because I felt my time and efforts directly helped the students and the greater community.  I had freedom to incorporate my ideas but also learned how things work in a setting different than where I came from.  This organization, its mission, staff and students have inspired me deeply, and I believe I have also positively impacted their operations.  Beyond the classroom, Good Hope helped me experience the vibrant Tanzanian culture, learn Swahili, and cook local fare. Living in Moshi was an incredible experience, and I dream about going back nearly constantly. – Heather Rogers


Once you volunteer at Good Hope and experience the warmth of the community, the strength of the students, and the beauty of Majengo, you will be itching to go back. This is why many volunteers come back to Good Hope year after year – there is truly something special going on in this little community, and I have been fortunate enough to teach the resilient Good Hope students twice (thus far!). The students at Good Hope understand that what they are receiving is a second chance at further education and are extremely passionate about learning, often asking for homework and thanking the volunteer teachers for giving them tests. Outside of the classroom, the other volunteers I had the pleasure of working with came from all walks of life- we had four continents represented while I was there in 2018, all coming with different educational/work backgrounds (healthcare, business, education, etc.), and were able to share a bit of our different experiences with the students. Good Hope’s team takes great pride in the well-being of the students, and anyone who has the opportunity to volunteer with this incredible group of people is guaranteed to feel like part of the family.

I, like many other past Good Hope volunteers, decided upon teaching at the secondary school preparation program to sponsor one of my Good Hope students to attend secondary school. She is currently enrolled at St. Theresia Secondary School, along with many other Good Hope alum. Visiting in 2018 allowed me to see her again in person, as well as meet some of the hardworking teachers and leaders at the school. The sponsorship program is fundamental to Good Hope, and the frequent email communication from the Good Hope team ensures you are up to speed on your student’s welfare and academic standing. Giving a child the gift of education is truly one of the most rewarding things one can do, and I am thrilled to be a part of this program! – Carolyn Silver